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Because I’m curious, like/reblog this if you’ve read Ready Player One

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#Stormtrooper straight chillin’ #starwars #Lucas

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Outlander stars show up at BAFTA Tea Party held in Beverly Hills

I’d like to just say how much I think these actors are PERFECT for their roles!! She’s just there all confident in herself and he’s got this quiet content peace about him. SO like Claire and Jamie. Claire’s a strong women hear her roar and Jamie’s a quiet shy kind of strong. LOVE IT!
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Growing up, what was the thing you were crazy passionate about?

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Since I think I haven’t gave you guys enough, and to show you how much I love you, I’m having this huge giveaway! SO REBLOG THIS POST IF YOU WANT TO JOIN!!


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Had it all planed out. I would finish ‘Dust Lands: Rebel Heart’ (#2) and then start all of the Hunger Games over, getting ready for the movie. BUT Dust Lands is soooo GOOD (!) that all I want to do it go back and read the first book!!

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A significant portion was young, smart, well-read women; they really responded to this show and I typically relate to young, bright ladies .

Bryan Fuller (about the Fannibals)  (via hannibalisticlove)

Some creators talk about “fangirls”. Then there is Bryan Fuller.

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